School Closure

Dear Members of the HAST Community,

While we are doing everything that we can here at HAST to provide a safe and CLEAN learning environment, the situation around us is changing daily.

For the safety of all of our community members, Hammond Academy has decided to utilize the power of our technology to weather the storm in the coming weeks.
Below is our modified school calendar.
March 16-19. Virtual Learning Days
March 20. NO SCHOOL (This was a half day on the school calendar)
March 23-27 Spring Break
March 30-April 3 Virtual Learning Days
We are scheduled to return back to normal operations on Monday, April 6.
During this time, the building will be closed to ALL students. ALL extracurricular activities are also suspended during this time period.
Administrators will be present in the building. All teachers and teacher aides will be operating remotely.

Teachers will be asking students to take 火红彩票注册 all materials today. Teachers will post lesson plans daily and will be providing multiple options for students (and parents) to be in communication during this time period.
Because of these unusual circumstances, those students who have NOT paid their iPad insurance will be allowed to take the iPad 火红彩票注册 with them during this time period only.

Finally, HAST is working closely with School City of Hammond to respond to this on behalf of ALL of our children and families. Attached to this letter is a description of a breakfast and lunch program that School City of Hammond is providing. HAST families are eligible for this special service as well.

We understand that this will not be convenient for all families. This is a very difficult decision to make. Please check your email and our website for updates.

Dr Egan

Updated: March 30, 火红彩票注册 — 12:20 pm