The mission of the Hammond Academy of Science and Technology is to provide the highest quality level of education to students by implementing state of the art technology and research-based instruction in an environment that is conducive to learning.

The mission is supported by the following vision/core beliefs:

      • Every student deserves a quality education, one that is designed to best serve their developmental needs, and provide them with a holistic approach to education
      • Technology should be embraced in the classroom and readily available to each and every student
      • Education should be a collaborative effort of staff, faculty, parents,community, business, and most of all, students
      • Our success will be demonstrated not only by the academic accomplishments of our students, but by our ability to share our instructional approaches, breakthroughs and experiences with other educators and schools
      • The education that we provide our students must emulate, correlate and simulate the challenges that students will experience as they further their studies in college, as well as those that they will encounter as adults in the workplace
    • We need to prepare students to be life-long learners
    • Accomplishments of students should be
      celebrated and used as the basis of encouraging those students to pursue future successes and challenges