iPad Insurance Addendum

Dear Parents,
Lately I have been seeing issues with students using non-Apple certified chargers resulting in unrepairable damages to iPads. Students are provided with an official Apple charger when first given his or her iPad. If a student loses or breaks their charger, he or she is responsible for replacing it with an Apple Certified charger.
Students who use a non-certified charger resulting in a broken iPad will be responsible for replacing the iPad. Insurance will not cover the iPad in this instance.
The insurance form you signed states the iPad will not be covered in instances of Malice or Neglect. This issue would be considered neglect. Below is information about Apple Certified Chargers. Many third party chargers are Apple Certified, so it is important to look for the logo when buying a replacement charger. Thank you.
Updated: May 3, 2018 — 10:30 am