HAST TV is a weekly television show created by HAST high school students taking Interactive Media.  HAST TV began with its first season in the fall of 2017 and will began its second season the beginning of February 2018.  Season 3 began September 2018.

Season 4

Episode #1 -Surfin’.  New season, new concept.

Episode #2 -Omnipresent.  Various skits include: Jack hears voices. Cameron the Science Guy. Ghost Hunters. I really have to go.

Episode #3 -It’s a Mario Time. Various skits include: Dr. Mario, Muscle Man Jack Movie, Crazy Cameron, Personal Space, Shopping Cart Speed.

Episode #4 -Beyond Edition. Various skits include: Beyond Scared Straight: Beyond Edition, Bathroom Buddies, Crazy Cameron, My Strange Addiction

Episode #5 – The Third Estate Various skits include: Bad Customer Service, 火红彩票注册 Renovation, Crazy Cameron, Movie Scenes in Classrooms, & VR

Episode #6 – The Many Faced Jack Various skits include: Crazy Cameron, The personalities of Jack, House Hunters, Cameron 2000, and Extreme Staring Contest.

Season 3

Episode #1 – Office of Respect.  Alex and Armando return for Season 3 of HAST TV.  New characters are introduced as well.

Episode #2 – My “Prode”  Alex continues to be a nuisance to his employees as someone begins stealing in the office. Mrs. Projovic guest stars in this episode and teachers Alex a lesson on misogyny.

Episode #3 – Rachel  Alex hires Rachel to be the new Human Resources Representative. Marques does not approve.

Episode #4 – A Case of the “Mondays”  Alex has computer problems.

Episode #5 – A HAST TV Halloween Special”  The HAST TV crew goes to anger management, but will they survive the night?

Episode #6 – Secret Genius  Marques returns from anger management. Alex reveals himself to be a secret genius.

Episode #7 – Time Machine Alex thinks he is in the future. The staff have a blast doing work.

Episode #8 – Short 30 Minute Water Break Armando is overbearing as the new boss. Alex struggles to get back to the past. Everyone realizes they miss Alex.

Episode #9 – The Beginning of the End The future of the office is in jeopardy as a result of Alex’s actions. Mr. Young (as Agent Young) guest stars.

Episode #10 – The End The office staff deal with their future.


Season 1 and 2 concluded with the epic HAST TV Movie!

Season 2


Episode #1 – Fall of HAST TV.  Kobe struggles with the disappearance of the rest of the HAST TV crew.

Episode #2 – The Kiel Awakens.  New season, new crew.  Alex messes up and Kobe finds his weatherman.

Episode #3 – Alex! Fix the Mic!.  Alex continues to ruin things on the show and distract the HAST TV crew. Jeremiah further reveaNew season, new crew.  Alex messes up and Kobe finds his weatherman.

Episode #4 – Alex Wuz Her.   The HAST TV crew walks in to find all of their equipment missing. Tension develops between Kobe and Jeremiah. Jeremiah makes an announcement that could impact the rest of the season.

Episode #5 – The Boxfather.   The HAST TV crew finds their equipment thanks to Isaiah’s anonymous letter. Jeremiah takes things to the next level. The box makes Kobe an offer he can’t refuse.

Episode #6 – The Reveal.   Josh opens up to Karla about his PTSD. Kobe overhears Jeremiah on the phone with the box and tensions continue to boil over.

Episode #7 – Ring Around the Rademacher.   Kobe tries to reveal all about Jeremiah as HAST TV begins. Jeremiah takes over the show. Kobe is captured by a special guest. A strange video surfaces.


Episode #8 – Stranger Things  Josh has a vision. Kobe returns. More surprises are revealed.

Episode #9 – Rise of HAST TV  In the final episode before the epic movie finale event, the repercussions of Karla’s actions are felt by the HAST TV crew.

Movie Trailer – HAST TV The Movie  Coming soon…

Season 1

Episode #1 – Pilot. This is the first ever episode of HAST TV where we introduce the basic platform of our every week show. In this episode we talk about the new weight-room we recently added to our school, and the beginning of weatherman Josh’s career.

Episode #2 – Josh Could Use a Hand . In this weeks episode, we talk about the different fundraisers taking place in our school and the new art club introduced to our school run by Ms. McDermott. Josh gets hit by a box again.

Episode #3 – Familiar Box. In this weeks episode of HAST TV, we focus on the new Horticulture club offered to students and the My Country Is Worse Than Yours project the 7th graders are in the works.

Episode #4 – Poor Josh. In this weeks episode of HAST TV, Spanish class held a fashion show and grades 10-11 will be taking their PSAT’s. Kobe & Cara receive an anonymous video.

Episode #5 – Abduction. In this episode of HAST TV, we talk with some of our grand champion candidates, and find out how Josh gets abducted.

Episode #6 – Taken. Kobe visits 7th grade Pod and learns about cells. Kevin looks for Josh and receives ominous phone call. Josh begs for help.

Episode #7 – Kindness Matters…Help Josh. In this episode of HAST TV, we talk with Ms. Stoit about the Great Kindness Challenge. HAST TV Crew has a photoshop battle. A commercial is put together asking for help finding Josh. Kevin prepares for battle.

Episode #8 – What the Funchion? In this episode, we discuss 火红彩票注册coming activities, Great Kindness Challenge winners, and Kevin fills in for the missing Josh. Josh’s location is revealed!

Episode #9 – The Final Battle. With Josh’s escape, he must confront the box to stop him and prevent further harassment. Kobe and Cara tell jokes.

Episode #10 – Interview with the Box. The HAST TV crew visit the invention convention as well as the finals for My Country is worse than yours. Finally, after his capture and detainment, the box opens up as to why he targeted Josh.

Episode #11 – Rise of the Boxes. In the season one finale of HAST TV, Dr. Egan is interviewed and the crew gives you an inside look and what goes on behind the scenes of HAST TV.