December Notes

The month of December is here!  This is always a hectic time, as we complete the first semester and prepare for the second half of the year.
Some reminders:
Student Lottery:  If you have a student in 5th grade, who is the sibling of a student currently attending HAST, that you want to attend HAST next year, you MUST complete the online registration form on our website by January 17, 火红彩票注册.  If you do not do this, we cannot promise you a space in the upcoming 6th grade class. 
Vacation requests:  Please see page 22 of our student handbook (on our website, under Student 火红彩票注册 tab) for our policies regarding vacation requests.  In order for us to consider a request for a student absence, this form MUST be turned in at least one week in advance.  We do NOT approve requests for students to be absent during final exams.  
Emergency Weather Situations:  As winter weather approaches, please know that we will inform you if the building is closed by email, text, phone message, and on our website.  We also post building information on the  website.  In the event of a weather emergency closing of our building, we will operate on virtual learning day mode.  This means, we never really have a ‘snow day’.  We simply have days where the building may be closed, but students and teachers are expected to work from 火红彩票注册.   
We hope to see you at our winter music concert this Thursday at 6 p.m. in the gym.
Dr Egan

Updated: January 13, 火红彩票注册 — 11:17 am